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Confused about your Career Progression or Emotional Quotient?

I can show the way and recharge your spirit for a healthy emotional balance.
Job Change Strategy – Job Issues – Higher Studies Dilemma – Career Path

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Looking For Life Skills Coaching or Guidance?

Are You...

  • A young experienced individual looking for career guidance to strategically plan for future growth.
  • A working professional who is finding difficult to strike a right balance in your natural and workplace behavior leading to stress triggers.
  • A working professional not satisfied with current career and looking forward for career guidance to make a long term career shift .
  • A working professional in govt. , private sector or a PSU having career progression issues looking for a coach who can help in decision making.
  • An individual contemplating to set foot in the wave of entrepreneurship or continue the current career path.
online Career Guidance For Students

Then Feel Free to Connect

Sometimes you may feel that there is no one to listen or no one to show the way forward.
Let us get started from there and see what you can achieve working with me.

What happens in my personalized and confidential sessions?


Dilemma Removal

Action Planning

Emotional Healing

My Roadmap For Your Growth & Well Being

While you are always fortunate if you are gifted with boss or senior colleague who can coach you in times of need, yet the situation may not be that rosy always. I welcome you to open the bottlenecks which have been bothering you for a long time on professional fronts . It is certainly time to explore more interesting things about you which will help you to realize and achieve the things that you want in life.

Know Yourself

A great deal of issues in our work life balance are because we never venture out to explore and find who we really are. Despite a number of scientific methods at our disposal we often don’t spend time to understand our own personality traits and behavior. As a professional it is important for us to realize ourselves before we move ahead to solve our ‘problems’ and this step precisely try to do that .

career counselling of 10th students
Identify The Goals

A problem with all working individuals is the complex mix of personal goals, social goals, office politics, official roles , family roles and subconscious desires. As time moves on the responsibilities and family liabilities make things more chaotic. It is important that post self-discovery one can address the specific problem set in hand and explore concrete solutions for the same.

online career guidance of 12th students
Create Future Plan

After an exhaustive self exploration and defining the problem solution matrix , here I would help you to finalize your strategy. I would help you prepare an action plan or assist to take final decision on the most pertinent question . This step may follow sometimes early or a little late depending on the scenarios I am able to identify on case-to-case basis.

online career counselling of 12th students
Continuous Support & Feedback

Here you associate for long term with me if you wish that I should help you of and on in keeping a tab on your execution plan and emotional well being . This step does fits with every type of enquiry and depends on case-to-case basis.

online career guidance of college students

Why Me?

I have a long experience of guiding students, professionals, colleagues,  juniors and sometimes even seniors and eventually driving them to streamline their objectives for better life.

With a wide exposure to competitive preparation, working in a PSU,  Entrepreneurship, Coaching and Engineering Consulting , I have time and again found that my advice, my pep talks and my mentorship has made difference in the life of many students and professionals who have trusted my advice in professional and personal life.

As working professionals, conscientious individuals realize that a structured framework build on the strong foundations of decision-making methodology and positive psychology can lead us to phenomenal results. I am that key who would help you orient when you feel disoriented or burned out.

Take a Leap of Faith and work towards a blissful future .

Online Career Counselling & Coaching For Professionals

If something is wrong, fix it now. But train yourself not to worry, worry fixes nothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

A planned approach towards learning new skills and techniques for corporate progression is the need of many individuals. Recognition of What, Why, When and How is something which comes up as a first hurdle in corporate setting. Sometimes emotional issues pull us back and sometimes it is nothing but a crazy mess all around because of some wrong choices in the past, which just does not let you accelerate in your career and life goals. I welcome you to open the bottlenecks which have been bothering you for a long time on professional fronts through my coaching in areas of life skills.

This program is based on a structured problem solving approach with variability & emotional healing as essential ingredients. However as each individual is different , the essential prick points need to be correctly identified for realistic action oriented solutions .  While most programs work with a purist psychology driven approach appropriate for an American or a European mindset , this program takes care of Indian scenarios , limitations and possibilities in specific for better results .

I would certainly love and appreciate your personal presence when you undertake the session with me. However, I am equally effective working online with you if you are comfortable. So it’s always your choice.

Some specific areas and a mix of these areas where you will find my coaching, counselling, and mentoring effective are:

  • Drawing out or Re-shaping your career progression plan.
  • Dealing with negative emotions.
  • Planning for higher studies (Young Executives)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Confidence Building & Leading your team

The costs which comprise of steps 1 to 3 mentioned above is Rs 5500/-. This includes 3 sessions for around 2 hrs each which may be staggered to make the process incorporate various thoughts which reign our mind from time to time. After the conclusive segment from 3 sessions further sessions if required will cost around 2500/- per hour.

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