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Want To Clear Doubts And Confusions About Your Career?

I can show the way and help you streamline your goals. Let us build a strategy and plan towards achieving your dreams.

Outline Objectives

Develop a Practical Plan

Execute & Achieve

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Years Of Experience
Students Guided
Hrs Guidance Delivered

Looking For Career Counselling or Career Guidance..?

Are You...

  • A School student confused about your streams of study to be take up after class 10th or class 12th and looking for online/in person career counselling.
  • An engineering student in final or pre final year who is confused about preparing for competitive exams or job spectrum in related or non related fields.
  • A graduate confused on Job opportunities to explore/Job Hunt strategy.
  • A graduate unclear about a plan for higher education and seeking career guidance.
  • A graduate or diploma or even master’s student looking for a guidance on making a strategic career rerouting. This is also applicable for those students who count themselves as misfit for job roles offered by the study path they have chosen and seek corrective paths.
  • A student who is facing non-clarity about his own like – dislike of subjects and feel stressed by the chosen career path .
  • A student or graduate wondering on how to Manage emotional quotient during examinations, interviews, and competitions.
  • A graduate who simply wishes to talk about and take second opinion on best options to explore based on his/her own persona .
  • A parent who would like to effectively work out with their child’s needs of structured career guidance and career counselling.
online Career Guidance For Students

Then Feel Free to Connect

Sometimes you may feel that there is no one to listen or no one to show the way forward.
Let us get started from there and see what you can achieve working with me.

Dream, Believe, Dare, Do

What Happens In My Career Counselling & Guidance Sessions?


Information Sharing

Confusion Removal

Emotional Healing

My Roadmap
For Your Career Success

If you do not discuss your career confusions and get correct hold of your emotional dilemmas at right time than you are simply restricting the vast potential inside you from doing the greatest benefit it can do for you . Follow through my customized decision making format which is personalized and respects confidentiality of my client .

Understand the problem

Here I would identify and discuss the dilemma you are facing and the issues that concern you. This may further be taken up as self-exploratory session where I would try to build a matrix of your career objectives and concerns . We will be developing clarity upon your strengths as an individual , Peer Pressure , Parental Expectations and Self Goals .

career counselling of 10th students
Explore the possibility

Here we will systematically discuss about options/solutions in hand and evaluate pros – cons (short – long term ) of your options .I also address issues related to your academic journey so far and Job industry in reality. I will develop clear framework for you to avoid falling in traps by marketing gimmicks under emotional swings and peer/parental pressure.

online career counselling of 12th students
Plan your goals

Based on the activities and discussions in step 1 and step 2 above , here I would help you to finalize your strategy. I would help you prepare an action plan or take the final decision and move ahead for realization of your objectives. This step may follow in a single session or in the second session .

online career guidance of 12th students
Continuous Support & Feedback

Here you associate for long term with me if you wish that I should help you continuously in keeping a tab on your execution plan or feel like connecting with me of and on for a new decision making or confusion removal or an emotional healing. This step depends on case-to-case basis and therefore not a mandatory part of my process.

online career guidance of college students
Why Me?

I have a long experience of guiding students, professionals, colleagues,  juniors and sometimes even seniors and eventually driving them to streamline their objectives for better life.

With a wide exposure to competitive preparation, working in a PSU,  Entrepreneurship, Coaching and Engineering Consulting , I have time and again found that my advice, my pep talks and my mentorship has made difference in the life of many students and professionals who have trusted my advice in professional and personal life.

I believe that at any stage of your life one can be serious and mature enough to think about learning and adding a new skill path in which one want wants to craft his or her future.

There are times when all you need is exhaustive information to take a well-informed decision. And that portal of information for you is me.

The greatest religion is to be true to your own nature. Have faith in yourselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the critical areas where most of the students in school and colleges are stuck with is about passion and profession. Sometimes the path is known but the confusion is all about the mode of travel that will lead to the goal. At other times, multiple paths show up and one is unable to decide. This is for all those who are facing such a phase.

I make use of discussions, psychometrics, decision making methods and a lot of personalized activity based fine tuning to work out with you in finalizing best approaches for your personal life and career. I essentially focus on finding a practical and workable solution which can be joyfully pursued by you to grow. My ability to work out on an individual basis without a bias based on my years of experience and cases handled makes my sessions unique.

I would certainly love and appreciate your personal presence when you undertake the session with me. However, I am equally effective working online with you if you are comfortable. So it’s always your choice.

The costs which comprise of steps 1 to 3 mentioned above is Rs 3500/-. This includes 2 sessions for around 2.5 hrs each which may be staggered to make the process incorporate various thoughts which reign our mind from time to time. After the conclusive segment from 2 sessions further sessions if required will cost around 1500/- per hour.

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