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  • Develop or refine your career roadmap.
  • Structure & track your career progression.
  • Diffuse Dilemma & Infuse decisiveness in your professional portfolio.
My interactions with Mr Joshi were key player in resolving uncertainty about my commitment to take the second chance in competitive examinations. I am happy that his sessions helped me to achieve my goals at the correct time.

— Aman, Dehradun

Confusing thoughts about going ahead with my venture in partnership vs carrying forward on my career progression track is no more . Thanks for your sessions and the intense writeups which you forced me into. That really worked & I am glad I am sorted today.

— Angad, Delhi

I loved interacting with you and even though I haven’t met you in person but the consistent guidance you provided over our telecalls helped me to finish my Master’s and inspired me to pursue my PhD to fulfil my dreams.

— Shantanu .S , Bangalore

Check in Boxes Where Your Answer Is Yes!

If any of the boxes is checked Green. I can help You!

Let Us Also Understand

What Coaching Offers?

  • Active Listening
  • Critical Thinking
  • Play of ideas
  • Experiential Exploration
  • Generating Possibilities
  • Structure to make things happen
  • Confidential Mapping

What Coaching Is Not About?

  • Fixing People
  • Doing it for them
  • Pestering and/or Policing to work better
  • Being Expert advisor on all matters
  • Blaming on circumstances
  • Providing a plan to fit all
  • Resolving all conflicts in one’s life

Wondering! If This Will Work For You?

It will work for sure if

  • You are open –minded and coachable.
  • You are serious towards investing in yourself, your career, and your life Goals.
  • You are committed to bring your career on track.
  • You look forward to learn new skills and can rewire your thought patterns.
  • You accept to move out of your comfort zone to boost your growth plan.
  • You can persevere and ready to join in for progressive faceoff.
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I Have A List Of Frequently Asked Questions

A planned approach towards learning new skills and techniques for corporate progression is the need of many individuals. Recognition of What, Why, When and How is something which comes up as a first hurdle in corporate setting. Sometimes emotional issues pull us back and sometimes it is nothing but a crazy mess all around because of some wrong choices in the past, which just does not let you accelerate in your career and life goals. I welcome you to open the bottlenecks which have been bothering you for a long time on professional fronts through my coaching.

If you are in a healthy mental & physical state and prepared for introspection, action oriented problem solving and interested to optimize your potential then opt for coaching.

If you have addiction issues, need to heal a traumatic experience, cope with emotional term oil  or a career setback then you should opt for specialized counselling.

I would certainly love and appreciate your personal presence when you undertake the session with me. However, I am equally effective working online with you if you are comfortable. So it’s always your choice.

The cost of coaching sessions with me starts from INR6500/- for an approximate 8 hours duration spread across days and weeks on case to case basis.

Meet Your Coach

I have a long experience of coaching students and professionals by engaging them in creating constructive pathways for success.

Meet Your Coach Mr Himanshu Joshi

With a wide exposure to competitive preparations, PSU’s culture, Govt./Private jobs and entrepreneurship, I find myself successful in providing fruitful interventions to my coachee for better. As working professionals, individuals realize that a structured framework build on the strong foundations of decision-making methodology and positive psychology can lead us to phenomenal results. I will be playing the role of a humble key who would assist you to unlock self for better experiences ahead.

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